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NHMRC Draft Information Paper: Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health submission

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Q1. Is the draft Information Paper presented and written in a manner that is easy to understand?: 

not entirely

Q2. Does the draft Information Paper clearly outline how the evidence was reviewed and interpreted by NHMRC?: 


Q3. Is there additional evidence on any health or health-related effects specifically related to distance from wind turbines or exposure to emissions from wind turbines?: 

the NHMRC did not take the Macarthur wind farm into consideration when they made the cut-off date for submissions  for their report on the  28th September 2012. The only 3MW wind farm considered in their report was Waterloo, with their turbines on ridge lines, The Macarthur wind farm  has 140, 3MW turbines in grid fashion, BUT, did not begin operation until October 2012. Therefor the NHMRC's report is already   TOTALY IRRELEVENT and OUT OF DATE.why didn't the NHMRC carry out "in the field" investigations at the Macarthur wind farm?   Why didn't the NHMRC interview the impacted families surrounding the Macarthur wind farm?    Why didn't the NHMRC carry out Multi-disciplinary research at the Macarthur wind farm?    Why didn't the NHMRC carry out Health Impact Assessment at the Macarthur wind farm?    Why didn't the NHMRC carry out INDEPENDENT NOISE TESTING at the Macarthur windfarm?  The NHMRC, if they have any credibility or honesty and integrity about them, should carry out this comprehensive research and investigation where so many people are sick and suffering because the 140, 3MW turbines have been placed far too close to each other, contrary to their makers specifications, thus creating additional turbulance.   The NHMRC is well aware of the preliminary health survey carried out in 2013 in this district, whereyby around 23 families (around 66 people) reported various degrees of health problems associated with the turbines. please refer to www.waubrafoundation.org.au/2013/macarthur-preliminary-survey-shows-effects-out-8-9km/

I will offer my home for the NHMRC to come and conduct INDEPENDENT NOISE TESTING ETC AND I  ALSO OFFER, PERSONALLY,  TO TAKE PART IN ANY HEALTH IMPACT ASSESSMENTS ETC. as would many other badly impacted residends in this district.

It is an absolute outrage that INDEPENDENT NOISE TESTING AND HEALTH ASSESSMENTS have never been conducted by the NHMRC at the Macarthur wind farm.

Q4. Is there additional evidence on the likely level of exposure to emissions produced by wind farms at nearby residences? : 

Mr Les Huson conducted comprehensive  independent noise testing both inside and outside the homes of the residents living next to the Macarthur wind farm. results can be found on www.waubrafoundation.org.au  the results were positive to high levels of low frequency and infrasound in the residents homes and outside..   Why didn't the NHMRC do this testing?    The NHMRC need to do multi-disiplinary research, including accousticians, phychoaccousticians, phycologists, ear/nose/throat specialists, cardio-vascular specialists,neurologists, encochronologists, sleep specialists, rural/general practicioners etc.andit must be INDEPENDENT. It should NOT include anyone associated with or employed or have been employed by the wind industry. it has to be TOTALLY INDEPENDENT.

Q5. Is there additional evidence on whether it is plausible that noise, shadow flicker and electromagnetic radiation (of the type and at the levels produced by wind farms) might affect healthy functioning of the human body?: 

Sleep deprivation affects people. It affects their ability to function normally and to live a healthy life. Sleep deprivation makes you sick, this is why the NHMRC has to carry out INDEPENDENT noise testing and Multi-disiplinary research.   Most of the residents living around the Macarthur wind farm suffer from health effects, and AGL have recieved hundreds and hundreds of complaints from the residents regarding noise and health issues.  It cannot be a coinsidence that the residents living near  the Cape Bridgewater wind farm, the Oaklands Hill wind farm, the Leonards Hill wind farm and the Macarthur wind farm ALL  suffer  the same effects. the residents near the Macarthur wind farm DID NOT SUFFER FROM THESE EFFECTS before October 2012. Why didn't the NHMRC take this into consideration when making their report?

Q6. Is there additional evidence of health and health-related effects observed from other sources producing noise, shadow flicker and electromagnetic radiation of the type and at the levels produced by wind farms? : 

There has to be new research into the Macarthur wind farm and ALL wind farms. The Evidence is there, it just has to be looked into. this time the NHMRC cannot ignore the masive amounts of evidence which is readily available, not only from wind farms, but from residents living near coal/gas seeams, radio towers, NBN towers and compulsary smart meters.

If you choose to ignore the evidence and choose not to carry out independent noise testing and health assessments on the  homes and residents of the Macarthur wind farm, then I am of the opinion, that withinin the NHMRC, I fear there may be fraud and corruption,  with outside influences, influencing decision making.

Page reviewed: 11 February, 2015