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Draft NHMRC Public Statement 2017: Water fluoridation and human health in Australia submission

This submission reflects the views of
Organisation Name: 
Kidney Health Australia
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Question 1
Q1. A. The draft Public Statement is presented in a format and manner that is useful, and is easy to read and understand: 
Overarching/General comments on the Public Statement: 

The information in the Public Statement is well-presented, but is written for a reading level that is higher than the general public.  Health literacy is a critical issue, and it is important that common language is used, scientific words are used infrequenlty (or defined), and summary points are highlighted throughout.

Comments on a particular section of the Public Statement: 
Question 2
Q2. A. The boxed ‘NHMRC statement’ (page one) in the draft Public Statement is justified and supported by the evidence in the Information Paper: Effects of Water Fluoridation on Dental and Other Human Health Outcomes : 
Question 3
Q3. A. For policy makers, the draft Public Statement provides sufficient information to support decision making in your jurisdiction or local area: 
Comments on a particular section of the Public Statement: 
Question 4
Q4. How could the Public Statement be effectively disseminated?: 
Who would find the draft Public Statement useful?

Federal, state and local government policy makers, general public, health organisations, researchers, water suppliers, health commentators

How could they be informed about the draft Public Statement?

State govt health networks, Primary Health Networks, general media, online health portals (HealthDirect etc)

Question 5
Q5. Is there any other information that may be useful to include in the draft Public Statement? If so, please provide details: 

More information about what fluoride is; definitions for key terms; date for when the evidence will be next reviewed; NHMRC contact details if people want more information about the Public Statement and supporting documents; contact details for the water supply industry if people want more information about water supply issues.

Page reviewed: 9 November, 2017