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Draft NHMRC Information Paper: Effects of water fluoridation on dental and other health outcomes submission

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Retired Civil Engineer, also an athlete & worked as a Massage Therapist. Have had poor health in the past & have had regular health tests through Health Practitioners since 1992.
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Q1. A) Is the draft Information Paper presented in a manner that is easy to understand? : 
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Overall conclusion

See response to Question 4.

Q2. A) Is it clear how NHMRC reviewed the health and dental effects of water fluoridation? : 
Q2. B) Please provide details regarding you response to Question 2A: 

See response to Question 4.

Q3. A) Is the Fluoride Reference Group’s interpretation of the evidence clearly described in the draft Information Paper?: 
Q3. B) Please provide details regarding your response to Question 3A: 

See response to Question 4.

Q4. Is there additional evidence on the dental effects of water fluoridation that should be considered?: 

YES - THE BENEFITS OF WATER FLUORIDATION ARE A MYTH. Dental health improved directly as a consequence of improved dental hygiene, not from the addition of fluoride to drinking water. It appears that this has been totally disregarded & the chemical companies have sucked everyone in & taken advantage of this coincidence in order to make money. Furthermore, the chemical added is Sodium Fluoride, which is a TOXIC synthetically made chemical, which causes serious health problems to humans, including disrupting the Thyroid Gland, and does not even prevent tooth decay. Fluoride occurs naturally in the soil in the form of Calcium Fluoride, but this is not the form used in drinking water. How is it that World Renowned Health Practitioners such as Al Sears, and Dr Mercola have written many articles on the dangers of water fluoridation & Governments don't consider them? Very reputable Naturopaths that have cared for me, have improved my Thyroid Function shown by Live Blood tests, by having me avoid fluoridated drinking water & they are very aware of how toxic it is & how the Government has been brainwashed by the chemical companies. All reputable Naturopaths advise not to drink Fluoridated Water. Fluoridated Drinking Water is Toxic & should not be consumed without filtering out ALL of the Fluoride. It's about time someone at the top had the GUTS to stand up & state the truth. Consult Natural Health Professionals (they have plenty of case studies) & put a stop to water fluoridation - it is killing us.

Page reviewed: 4 July, 2017