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Draft NHMRC Information Paper: Effects of water fluoridation on dental and other health outcomes submission

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Dentist, Public Health
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Specific Questions
Q1. A) Is the draft Information Paper presented in a manner that is easy to understand? : 
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Overall conclusion

There is not one single prospective randomized double blinded controlled trial for effectiveness and assumption is made fluoride is safe to ingest.  However, the highest quality of research is demanded to establish risk.  A double standard is used.

Water Fluoridation and dental effects – Tooth decay

Where are your studies on the optimal fluoride concentration for the tooth, dentin and enamal?  What meaured concentration of fluoride in the tooth has less decay?  Both teeth with caries and without have similar ranges of fluoride. . . except from topical fluoride in the outer few microns.  Therefore, no optimal tooth fluoride concentration has been detected.

Where is the measured evidence of whole population cost benefit?  Research is accepted which is based on estimates of assumptions rather than hard numbers.  

What about a reduction in dentists in fluoridated communities?  Same dentist/patient ratio regardless of fluoridation.

What about difficulty in diagnosis and the fluoride bomb?  Fluoride makes the tooth harder, but delays diagnosis.

Why does the US Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and Research say the evidence of fluoride supplements is incomplete?  In other words, the best of the USA says the evidence of ingesting fluoride has not been established.

Why does mother's milk have an undetectible amount of fluoride in most samples?  Nature protects the developing baby.  Yet public health policy promoters say it is safe for babies?  Nature knows best unless science has proven mother's milk is defective in lack of fluoride.

Dental caries is not caused by a lack of fluoride.  Sodium fluoride is classified and fits within definitions of poison and exempt when regulated as a drug or pesticide.  What laws exempt arsenic, lead, fluoride. . . all with similar toxicity.

Overall conclusion

The review suggests Broadbent is a two star, moderate evidence.  I suggest you actually read the research.  99 subjects did not have fluoridated water.  Too small to detect a difference.  And over a hundred subjects were taking fluoride supplements.  Therefore, most of those on fluoride supplements were on the non-fluoridated water, in order to make up for a lack of fluoride. 

Think about it.  The study compared fluoride pill supplements with fluoride water supplements.  All subjects were ingesting similar amounts of fluoride.  No wonder the study did not find lower IQ with fluoride pill supplements than fluoride water supplements.

Come on you guys and gals.  Use your head and logic when reading the research.

Over 50 human studies and many animal studies report neurological harm. 

US National Toxicology Program reviewed the animal studies and reports a moderate confidence of neurological harm.  They are doing more studies and reviewing human studies.  Certainly their report later this year and early next year must be included if the public is to be protected.

An inclusive review of all available research is needed and the report should be withdrawn.

Q2. A) Is it clear how NHMRC reviewed the health and dental effects of water fluoridation? : 
Q2. B) Please provide details regarding you response to Question 2A: 

You read the research. I have not time in the next 16 hours which is your dead line to educate you on the research.

Q3. A) Is the Fluoride Reference Group’s interpretation of the evidence clearly described in the draft Information Paper?: 
Q4. Is there additional evidence on the dental effects of water fluoridation that should be considered?: 

Yes. Hundreds of studies must be included and evaluated. www.fluoridealert.org

Q5. Is there additional evidence on any other health effects of water fluoridation that should be considered in the draft Information Paper?: 

For more studies, see www.fluoridealert.org

Page reviewed: 4 July, 2017