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Draft 5th edition of Staying Healthy in early childhood education and care submission

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Public and Environmental Health Service, Hobart, Tasmania
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Government Department - State
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Online Submission (specific questions)
General Comments

The immunisation schedule is still the old one – has Prevenar 7 instead of Prevenar 13 on it, and does not include flu for at risk children from 6 months of age.


Section on immunisation still states “this makes the person’s immune system respond in the same way it would if they actually had the disease, but without they symptoms.” Not technically true – children can develop a mild measles like rash after MMR vaccine and may also develop some blisters following varicella vaccination. They may also be unwell with fever and be unsettled. Rotavirus can also cause diarrhoea in some instances.


Also, provision of evidence of immunisation needs to be a bit stronger. There is no use in parents providing the information if it cannot be accessed quickly. May also need a statement about record keeping and some information on staff vaccinations too.


Nappy changing – talks about the preference to use disposable nappies as they can be disposed of immediately but does not provide advice on how or where to dispose of them. Also does not provide advice on what to do with cloth nappies if they are used. From experience, it seems that cloth nappies are becoming more common with new parents concerned about Global Warming.


Table 8 does not provide advice on when, during the nappy changing procedure a nappy should be disposed of.


Sandpits – no advice on how often sand should be changed under normal circumstances.


Workplace health and Safety – says policies and procedures need to be updated but gives no timeframe for this.


Human parvovirus – needs to also say commonly called “Slapped Cheek”.


Chickenpox fact sheet – needs to say vaccination only if non immune.


Common cold fact sheet – needs to say different from flu.


Gastro fact sheet – does this also need to include norovirus?


Pertussis fact sheet – need to add that immunised children and adults can still get pertussis but tend to get a milder illness?


Page reviewed: 3 September, 2013