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Draft 5th edition of Staying Healthy in early childhood education and care submission

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Online Submission (specific questions)
Online Submission (specific questions)
1. The 5th edition target education and care settings with children under 5 years of age. What additional considerations need to be given to make this resource applicable to education and care settings for older aged groups?: 

Risk, control measures and legal framework differ for older groups

2. Are there other resources that would be useful to accompany the 5th edition of Staying Healthy ? e.g. posters, fact sheets or on-line information. Please provide links or references.: 

Link to new family benefit part A requirments for immunisation

3. Please comment on the new format , are there aspects that can be improved?: 

No - its well organised and easy to find information

4. Are there topics that you would like more information/guidance on infection prevention and control? If yes, please specify.: 

Might be helpful to include information on new immunisation schedule (MMRV at 18 months)

General Comments

p15 Table 1 - There are exclusion requirements for CCC contacts of cases of diphtheria

p21 Table 3 - While consistent with NHMRC the vaccine names in the table are not commonly used, and most are part of combined vaccines on the childhood schedule

p49 Cleaning spills - faeces/vomit - given the common occurence of norovirus and its resistance to disinfectants, better advice is to wipe with bleach solution after cleaning with detergent and water

p59. Animals - Fish & marine - include advice to wash hands after contact with tank water or marine animals

p.67 Pregnancy - consider including Listeriosis as many CCC foods are high risk for pregnant staff

p. 112 Hepatitis A fact sheet - add that vaccine can be used to prevent illness if given within 14 days of exposure

Page reviewed: 3 September, 2013