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Stem Cell Treatments: A quick guide for medical practitioners and FAQ: a resource for patients submission

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1. Is the document in the appropriate format? If not, how could the document be better formatted?: 


2. Is the language appropriate for the target audience (i.e. medical practitioner for the quick guide on stem cell treatments and patient for the FAQ resource)?: 


3. Does the document contain relevant information? If not, which sections do you consider to be irrelevant?: 


4. Does the document exclude any important information that would be useful to medical practitioners or patients?: 

The document does not distinguish between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. It is not clear in the example given of tumours resulting from adult stem cell treatment whether these tumours were cancerous or not. As a patient, I would want to be informed as to the source of any stem cells that might be used in my treatment, as I would have an ethical objection to the use of embryonic stem cells. I would not be alone in this. Therefore, I think that this information needs to be included in the guide for practitioners and in the FAQ so that patients can be fully informed about their treatment.

5. How could this information best be disseminated to patients and medical practitioners?: 

Website and pamphlets

6. How could general practitioners best access this information (i.e. an appropriate website)?: 


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Page reviewed: 7 February, 2014