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Public Consultation on the NHMRC Draft Principles of Peer Review submission

This submission reflects the views of
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Water Quality Research Australia Ltd
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Non-Government Organisation
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General Comments

Water Quality Research Australia Ltd (WQRA) is a non-profit research company operating in the Australian urban water sector. We support the principles of peer review and comment the NHMRC for articulating their principles on this issue in a concise and fair manner. WQRA has a number of minor comments for your consideration, including:

  • Section 3 heading, remove 'full stop'
  • Section 5, dot points, the 2nd and 3rd dot points in this section, should be joined, to form one point (i.e. 'act in confidence and do not disclose the content or outcome of any process in which they are involved'
  • Section 7, the first dot points states 'Peer review participants declare all interests...'. I recommend being more explicit as to who they should declare these interests to.
  • The section headed 'Standards and Best Practice', first sentence, the word 'process' should be replaced with 'processes'.

Best Regards

Dr David Halliwell

Acting CEO, WQRA

Page reviewed: 19 February, 2013