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Public Consultation on the NHMRC Draft Principles of Peer Review submission

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The draft guidelines are excellent as presented. My only suggestion on how they could be improved is to include an explicit statement that one of the experts involved in the peer review process MUST be a qualified professional statistician, not a psychologist or biologist who "knows a bit about statistics". Too many of the papers I review have glaring deficiencies in their research design or use of statistical techniques, fortunately not many of these are grant recipients. If the NHMRC sets the standard for top-level research then hopefully this will create a flow on effect and place extra pressure on institutions and individual researchers to properly design studies in consultation with statisticians a priori to data collection. This too would also result in savings of time, money and the number of research participants required in addition to smoothing out the ethics approval process.

Page reviewed: 19 February, 2013