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Staying Healthy Posters and Information Sheets submission

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Specific Questions
2. Is the language clear and appropriate for the audience (educators, visitors to services)? : 

Some of the sentences are not easy to read or understand.  For instance, on Breaking the chain of infection - the first sentence is "as you know, educators and staff in the education and care service your child attends try to limit..".  This should be restructured, such as "In the education and care service that your child attends, the educators and staff try to limit the spread of infection....etc"

Similarly, on the Exclusion periods explained brochure, the sentence: "this may also include excluding susceptible children.." It would be preferable not to follow 'include' with 'excluding'.

4. General comments: 

There are spelling erros on the How to wash hands and How to use alcohol-based hand rub posters.  At the bottom of these posters is written "THIS POSTER REFRENCES..."  instead of "THIS POSTER REFERENCES.."

3. General comments: 

At what age do staff commence washing the hands of the infants/children after a nappy change?  I would assume that this would not apply to babies that weren't yet crawling but this isn't stated.  At what age is this necessary?

The chain of infection is an old concept and one that is not commonly used anymore.  I am not sure that the Chain of infection poster is necessary or of value to the intended audience given that the strategies to prevent the spread of infection are already included in the other literature.

Page reviewed: 28 August, 2013