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Staying Healthy Posters and Information Sheets submission

This submission reflects the views of
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Specific Questions
1. Is the advice on the posters informative and easy to put into practice? : 

No, there is missing information eg CLOTH NAPPIES.


2. Is the language clear and appropriate for the audience (educators, visitors to services)? : 


3. Changing a nappy without spreading germs and Minimum recommended exclusion periods posters will be A3 in size. The remaining posters are A4 size. Will these sizes be appropriate in your service?: 


4. General comments: 

We need a nappy changing procedure for cloth nappies. Eg the liner goes in the toilet, really there should be an alternate list of steps, eg where to put liner, am I supposed to wear another glove to carry it to the toilet, etc. I have a child in care 2 days/week who wears cloth full time, as did my own child. Due to awareness of the terrible harmful chemicals used in disposable nappies and concerns for the environmental impact, many parents are choosing to use cloth nappies at least part time.

Also, whoever writes these regs seems unaware that human faeces is not supposed to go in the big, ever. Even disposables are meant to be scraped in the toilet. Nappies end up in landfill, which eventually progresses to the water table and diseases can be passed on through the contaminated water. I would think with all the environmental sustainability we are meant to teach, landfill would be an issue. I think it might even be illegal to put poo in the bin.

Page reviewed: 28 August, 2013