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Staying Healthy Posters and Information Sheets submission

This submission reflects the views of
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little cherubs
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Educational Institution – other
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Specific Questions
1. Is the advice on the posters informative and easy to put into practice? : 


2. Is the language clear and appropriate for the audience (educators, visitors to services)? : 


3. Changing a nappy without spreading germs and Minimum recommended exclusion periods posters will be A3 in size. The remaining posters are A4 size. Will these sizes be appropriate in your service?: 


4. General comments: 

The research we have done on a product called "Hands First" a non-alcohol based product needs to be addressed. We firmly believe that the product is far superior to the alcohol based products and, as it is alcohol free, should be the preferred option for water free hand cleaning for young children. This product needs to be included in both the staying healthy in childcare manual and in the posters that will be available to services. We have been using this product since 2009 and can testify to its effectiveness in assisting in the prevention of the spreading of disease.

1a. Will the information sheets provide clear, informative and actionable advice for parents and carers? : 

yes ...but the above issue needs to be addressed.

1b. • Is the language clear and appropriate for the audience (parents and carers)?: 


2. Will these be a useful tool for educators to use in reinforcing messages on infection prevention and control practices? If no, please provide comment.: 

As previously stated, we strongly believe that the hand rub needs to be alcohol free, if it is being implemented in Early Childhood Services.

3. General comments: 

We would be against using alcohol based hand rubs. There is the possibility for alcohol poisoning as well as the possibility of allergic reactions. We believe that further consultation and research needs to be undertaken in to issue of alcohol versus non-alcohol based hand rubs for children in Early Childhood Settings.

Page reviewed: 28 August, 2013