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PSA Testing for Prostate Cancer in Asymptomatic Men: Information for Health Practitioners submission

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Specific Questions
2. What are the potential harms of PSA testing?: 

 False negative results: If prostate cancer is present, a normal or low PSA will* provide false reassurance and delay cancer diagnosis.

* suggest change underlined text to may, which is both more accurate and more consistent with other statements in this and other sections

10. How accurate is a PSA test?: 

For most men*, PSA testing cannot accurately determine which cancers are likely to threaten his health and which will not.

* suggest delete the underlined text

14. What happens if a man receives a normal PSA test result?: 

A normal PSA test result indicates that prostate cancer is unlikely to be present*.

* suggest change underlined text to prostate cancer is less likely to be present in this man than if the test had been abnormal.

15. What happens if a man receives an abnormal PSA test result?: 

1) It indicates the possible presence of prostate cancer*, but it does not confirm that cancer is present.

* suggest change underlined text to that prostate cancer is more likely to be present in this man than if the test was negative,

2) A man may* be referred to a specialist for further investigations or he may choose to repeat the PSA test over time.

* suggest insert choose to after the asterisk

16. If a man receives a diagnosis of prostate cancer after an abnormal PSA test, what choices does he have?: 

The man may prefer watchful waiting and active surveillance*, or he may be treated, with for example, radical prostatectomy, radiation therapy, or androgen

deprivation therapy.

* suggest replace the first underlined text with  prefer "watchful waiting" with active surveillance and the second underlined text with may prefer to be treated  .

17. If a man decides not to have a PSA test what risks should he and his family be aware of?: 

In the unlikely event that prostate cancer is present and the man decides not to have a PSA test, he will miss the potential* benefits of

testing, such as early detection and early treatment.

* suggest underline "potential" (or put it in italics)

General Comments
18. Considering the Information Document is for Health Practitioners, do you have any other comments?: 

Thank you for the opportunity to make some suggestions to hopefully improve this excellent draft and for making the supporting documents available for perusal.

Page reviewed: 4 March, 2014