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Ethical guidelines for organ transplantation from deceased donors submission

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1.3 How are organs allocated?

Under the sub title "Urgent situations" consider further explanation of the sentence: "This applies to each organ type except pancreas and lung" (i.e. briefly explain why it does not apply to pancreas and lung).

Also consider adding a comment on the close liaison between [NHMRC has removed third party information] and [NHMRC has removed third party information] in regard to the management of waiting lists for adult pancreas transplantation in respect to some sub-groups (e.g. highly sensitised patients who often cross-match positive against multiple donors and spend long periods on waiting lists).

3.2.1 Eligibility for transplantation

Under the sub title "Combined organ transplantation" consider including pancreas-kidney as an example of times when patients require combined organ transplants. The final sentence in this paragraph regarding the needs of a single transplant recipient versus two potential recipients applies to pancreas-kidney versus kidney alone transplants.

3.2.2 Organ allocation

The last dot point on page 17 states "light-skinned donor tissues are often preferred to enable detection of early skin rejection in transplants". While a valid point. it is not an example of an aesthetic consideration as suggested and should not be a dot point here.

3.2.2 Organ allocation

In Case study 4 on page 17 there is a full stop missing at the end of the first dot point.

In Case study 5 on page 18 the last line of the first dot point should be re-written from "the transplant ream to decide not to proceed with on medical grounds" to "the transplant team to decide not to proceed on medical grounds".

In Case study 9 on page 19 it refers to a "15-year old'. In other examples the age is shown as "15-year-old". Check all age references for consistency.


3.2.2 Organ allocation

Under the heading "Issues of access" on page 21, the statement is made that "in some situations an otherwise suitable organ is not able to be transplanted due to the costs of transporting the organ and/or relocating the recipient".  This comment is questioned based on an understanding that all Ministers agreed they would pay down stream costs associated with organ retrieval and transplantation as part of the formation of the Organ and Tissue Authority.

Page reviewed: 8 April, 2016