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Revised draft Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Overweight and Obesity in Adults, Children and Adolescents

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NO NO NO and NO. Not now, not ever! I will fight at every step any any all attempts to focus on weight instead of health. I will fight for the right of people of all sizes to access the same level of care and intervention to improve their health and wellbeing. I will fight to ensure that weight is never used as a criteria to segragte anyone, especially children into categories publicly or privately. This kind of weight shaming does harm the mental health of those it targets.

Specific comments
Summary of recommendations

the overall document is not objective. It has decided against evidence that is available that obesity is a problem. They are vague and weight focused. They continue to endorse weightloss focused language and continue to promote vague unhelpful ideas about the need to lose weight but offer no proven, long-term, health focused method in order to do so. It overlooks the caution that weightloss is just not possible for more than about 5% of people long-term and that weight cycling does more harm than good. It overlooks the fact that helping people to incorporate more healthy behaviours into their life does show health gains for all people regardless of size. Worst of all is that it targets children and adolscents that are growing and changing and makes no allowance for this and promoting weightloss during this timeframe is potentially problematic for long-term health. Seriously are we that fat phobic that we would rather cause long-term problems for people than have them be a little larger but healthy? This means that the same mantra will be trotted out to patients and they are left to their own devices to find a program or product. This is harmful in so many ways. Until the NHMRC can provide scientific, long-term research to show people how to lose weight and keep it off in significant numbers then weightloss should NEVER be offered. We need to be looking at behaviours that are sustainable long-term for all people of all ages and of all sizes. We might then see a reduction in mental health issues, eating disorders and disordered eating, improvements in health overall and weights that stabilise. That is true health.

General comments

I am frustrated that size is such a singular issue and is too easily associated with health. I am frustrated that only certain people who all happen to accept this myth are included in the construct of these guidelines. That no input is sought from those who accept that weights are tricky for the vast majority and that multiple factors underly why we are the size we are whatever that is. I am frustrated that despite knowing that weightloss doesn't work and no valdated method to acheive it, regardless of whether weight affects health, that no shift has been undertaken to a new and helpful focus. A focus where health is actually the central paradigm, that is inclusive and accepting of all people. One where the individual is supported to achieve their own health goals in a non-judgemental way. I would ask that you consider seeking input from those who have researched and do promote a health at every size approach in forming these guidelines and especially where children are concerned. There are many reputable researchers, Phd's, dietitians, psychologists and doctors available. Otherwise just continue to promote fat hate and teach others to do the same, especially health professionals, teachers and the media. Continue to rant using the same flawed rhetoric and use the media to push this unhealthy belief. Meanwhile ignore the numbers that are then presenting with mental health and eating disordered issues because of the pressure to conform to a narrow thin ideal is present at every turn. Continue to push an anti-health message at us.

There are so many sources of information and research that show focusing on weight isn't working, so why do supposedly intelligent people keep focusing on it, why is this organisation still promoting it and why aren't you considering information and finding like the following:


http://bigliberty.net/truth-behind-fat-links-science/ (a good collection of resources other than the usual fat hating ones)


http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2012-02/niop-epl022112.php (and information like this indicates that we are asking people to do something that the environment is directly impacting. We need to look at the role of chemicals and additives in our health outcomes and stop blaming the individual all the time)

http://www.aedweb.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Advocacy&Template=%2FCM%2F... (Academy for Eating Disorder Guidelines, a sensible approach, especially in regards to children)

and there are sooooooooo many more

Page reviewed: 6 September, 2012