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Revised draft Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Overweight and Obesity in Adults, Children and Adolescents

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Healthy Kids Association
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As lifestyle interventions are an important part of weight management interventions for both adults and children, it would be beneficial to receive updates (as they become available) of what has worked for weight management in children and new recommendations for parents and caregivers.  This research will help to inform the advice that we give parents and the interventions that we develop for children in schools and the community.   

Specific comments
11.3 Weight management interventions

Healthy Kids Association would like to draw attention to the school canteen food guidelines in each state and the contribution that these guidelines make as components of multi-component interventions.  These are:

New South Wales: Fresh Tastes @ School

Victoria: Go for Your Life

South Australia: Right Bite

Queensland: Smart Choices

Western Australia: Healthy Food and Drink Choices in Schools

Children consume a significant portion of their daily kilojoules while they are at school and the more attention that is given to the role that these guidelines play in providing healthy food to children, the more closely they will be adhered to by schools.  It is also helpful for health professionals to encourage parents to support the school canteen guidelines as a way to ensure that the good work that is occurring at home is not negated once the child gets to school.    

Page reviewed: 6 September, 2012