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Review of Chapter 2.3 of the National Statement: Qualifying or waiving conditions for consent submission

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Tasmania Health and Medical HREC
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I urge the NHMRC to take this opportunity to provide clarification on the review process articulated in section 2.3.5 of the National Statement. Specifically, whether the reference to an HREC means at a meeting of the full HREC or whether such review can be conducted by other review bodies, such as a low risk subcommittee comprising of a selection of HREC members. Our interpretation has been that the reference to HREC means the full committee. However, other HREC have not interpreted this section in this way. I know of at least one HREC who  has instituted a review process for such research via their low risk subcommittee which is composed of a selection of HREC members. I would suggest inserting the word “full” prior to HREC in section 2.3.5 (Önly a full HREC…”).

Page reviewed: 28 March, 2014