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Revised draft A Guide to the Use of Australian Native Mammals in Biomedical Sciences submission

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Professor Steve
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E. Specific comments
Specific comments: 
General considerations

The Guide would be strengthened by specifying in this section a number of ethical principles such as the following:

  1. The research must always be of direct benefit to the species concerned. The research objectives are not to be of direct benefit to the researcher involved or for human health.
  2. The research must not compromise the life of the animals being reviewed.  The animal must be kept for as short a time as possible, must be carried out under the direct supervision by someone with a strong relational ethic of care understanding of the animal, kept in ideal conditions, feed an appropriate diet, and returned to the same environment where initially found.  They must never be allowed to reach a state where euthanasia is the preferred option and they must never be treated as mere objects, but rather as animals with strong emotional states that need to be nurtured and handled gently.
  3. Strict audit and accountability procedures should be in place to ensure points 1 and 2 are complied with.

Page reviewed: 24 April, 2014