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Revised draft A Guide to the Use of Australian Native Mammals in Biomedical Sciences submission

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Wildlife Carer (Have Tertiary Education)
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Specific comments: 
General considerations

I have read it and there a few  things that concern me. 

  1. Frequently they say to use hessian bags to put wildlife in after capturing.  
I would  NEVER use hessian as the animals can get the hessian fibres in their eyes, which can scratch as well start infections. Cotton Drill is very very strong and is heaps better to use.
General considerations

Personally I am ethically opposed to the tinkering of animals by those involved in medical research unless it meets the following conditions:

1.       The research must be of direct benefit to the species.  I am opposed to research on animals that is only for the benefit of humans

2.       The research must not compromise the life of the animals being reviewed.  The animal must be kept for as short a time as possible, must be carried out under the direct supervision by someone with a strong relational knowledge of the animal, kept in ideal conditions, feed an appropriate diet, and returned to the same environment they were found in.  They must never be allowed to reach a state where euthanasia is the preferred option and they must never be treated as mere objects, but rather as animals with strong emotional states that need to be nurtured and handled gently.

Bread should NEVER be given to Macs as the bread gets caught in the gums/teeth. This then rots and Lumpy Jaw commences. If bread MUST be used, it is suggest using white bread. It should be white bread with no preservative or additives (able to be purchased at Brumbys & Bakers Delight).

Page 52 It mentions using a pole syringe with Zoletil.  I remember using Zoletil on a few of Macs at [institution name removed by ONHMRC] that had bad hallucinations as they were waking up.  We used Pamalin instead. I have not had an animal receiving treatment, that was given Zoletil since [institution name removed by ONHMRC]. The paper suggests for almost al species prior to Lehtabarb. Which may be Ok, but on page 52 they say to give it animals that are being captured prior to testing, I would NEVER use Zoletil again . 

  • I do NOT beleive ANY Macs, especially EGs should be captured & held for research as the chance of them getting Myopathy or having it & being released to die a week or so later back in the wild.
  • I do NOT beleive any Macropods should be use for research at ALL. I do not beleive Hypothermia can be used Humanely for neon natal & post natal Mac joeys.
  1. Page 117 advises to Vit E Selenium ............... where are they going to get it from? 

Troy stopped manufacturing Selevite E in Australia 2+ years ago and there isn't anyone else that manufacturs Selevite E world wide.


Page reviewed: 24 April, 2014