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Draft Principles and guidelines for the care and use of non-human primates for scientific purposes submission

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Option 1 - Online comments
As a caring citizen, I simply cannot understand why any animals, especially highly cognitive animals such as apes and monkeys, are used for experiments. I read an article on a recent experiment on chimps for finding out how humans started to walk. How is this relevant? It is not. I firmly believe that the NHMRC must be notified on specified activities involving primates. My understanding is there is currently no national database which monitors use of primates (or any species) for research. The establishment of a national database would ensure that experiments are not duplicated, and there is no need for any species to suffer unnecessarily. A research company must also demonstrate that the use of primates is an absolute last resort, and the NHMRC expert panel must be satisfied that all other non-animal avenues have been explored, and there is a demonstrable reason for using animals, and that the research is not being replicated. A private ethics committee may not have all the available information on alternatives that do not require the use of animals, plus they may have vested interests, which is why a national database must be run and overseen by the NHMRC . I am absolutely morally opposed to any organisation allowing animals, especially highly cognitive animals, to suffer. We do not have the moral right to do this. I'd also like to add that if the NHMRC are funding animal experiments then it is the NHMRC's responsibility to ensure the animals are housed and well looked after in retirement. They have suffered enough, and it is unthinkable that there is no sanctuary for retired animals.
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Part A - Using non-human primates only when justified

Apes and monkeys may well be similar to humans, and this is the very reason they should not be used for experiments. Conversely, they are not humans, and drugs and experiments may be highly irrelevant, yielding false results. The only losers from this are the animals who have suffered because of worthless experimentation.

Page reviewed: 16 September, 2016