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Draft Principles and guidelines for the care and use of non-human primates for scientific purposes submission

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Role and structure of this document

The document separates principles (Part A) and guidelines (Part B) which implies a different status and/or purpose. However there are many guidelines that use the word ‘must’, as is used for the principles in Part A, which is confusing the intent of the separation of Parts A and B.

By way of comparison the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines (S&Gs) make a clear distinction between the Standards, which use the word ‘must’, and Guidelines which use the word ‘should’.

It is suggested that the document be revised to clarify the meaning and reasons for use of the terms ‘principles’ and ‘guidelines’. It may be appropriate to align the thinking with that used in the S&Gs given that there is a common focus on animal welfare.

Page reviewed: 16 September, 2016