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Consultation on draft report to the NHMRC CEO for ‘Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ submission

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Specific Questions
1a. How well does the report present the difficulties faced by ME/CFS patients in receiving clinical care?: 
Australia needs to develop new clinical guidelines about ME/CFS to include recent biomedical research findings. Using 17-year old guidelines is causing harm to ME/CFS patients and misguiding clinicians. More research must be done and updated to include new technologies to address this horrible disease. People should not have to suffer and lose everything that they have achieved because of an "unknown" and misguided diagnosis. We are close to curing all types of cancer, why not this?
1b. How well does the report present the challenges facing clinicians in providing care, when there is lack of clarity on diagnostic and management tools, and minimal professional education about the condition?: 
2a. The research and clinical guidance recommendations accurately address the specific needs of the ME/CFS community.: 
2b. The research and clinical guidance recommendations provide an accurate representation of the current gaps in research.: 
2c. The research recommendations inform the CEO of the most effective and strategic research options currently available.: 

Page reviewed: 23 September, 2019