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Draft revised Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare submission

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6. Appendix 2: 

6.1 - Cleaning frequency 

This section lacks clarity as there are some inconsistent terms, or items to be cleaned described in 2 ways, and some items that are important for cleaning not included:

-  ? same item or different - 1. Drip/IV stand and IV stands and poles 2. bedside table and locker - are these the same or different; if different, what about the over bed tray table? 3. TV and TV/patient bedside - are these different?

- no patient call bell mentioned at all

- sometimes say 'clean contact points after use'; other times 'clean contact after use' - not sure what this means

- discharge cleaning is not addressed consistently 

- this chart would be more useful if it was not alphabetical and reflected the cleaning zones and closeness/extent of risk for the patient. This would align with the different  responsibilities for cleaning  in many settings.

Page reviewed: 24 September, 2019