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Draft revised Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare submission

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Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home
Specific Questions
1. Introduction: 

It is a good start of the guideline. I like the way it covers the healthcare-associated infections and comments that most f them are preventable. 

I work in aged care and the main barrier I face in terms of infection prevention and control is understanding the importance and how each person is responsible. 

The reference in the introduction "Any person working in or entering a healthcare facility is at risk" is very powerful. 

"Target Audience
The Guidelines are for use by all those working in healthcare—this includes healthcare workers, management and support staff"- it will be beneficial if this section can be more specific and can include health care staff working in offices ( pay roll, IT etc), as they often assume infection prevention control is only for nursing staff  

2. Basics of infection prevention and control: 

Very informative section 

It is targetting long terms facilities too which is great 

I have noted the use of different terminology for pathogens such as microorganisms, pathogens, infectious agents etc.

In long-term facilities, there is a broad range of skill mix and staff are from diverse cultures and non speaking english backgroud, may be consistency with terminoliogy will aid in better understanding ? 


Page reviewed: 24 September, 2019