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Infant Feeding Guidelines for Health Workers submission

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BFHI is now known as  Baby Friendly Health Initiative rather than Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.

Page 46: 10 Steps of Successful Breastfeeding now states "place babies skin to skin with their mothers immediately after birth for at least an hour and encourage mothers to recognise when their babies are ready to breastfeed, offering help if needed.

Pages 54,60 and 69: Reference is made to lactiferous sinuses or milk glands. Ultrasound examination has revealed that these do not exist.

Page 82: There is no mention of herbal galactogogues. Some women have reported an increase in milk supply after consuming "lactation cookies".

Page 95: When expressing, to help elicit the milk ejection reflex women can be advised to look at their baby or a photograph of their baby or smell an article of clothing or a rug baby has been wrapped in.

Page 120: When using a chemical sterilant it is necessary to squeeze the solution through the teat prior to submerging the teat in the solution.

Page 120: Important points for preparing formula does not mention the need to discard a tin of powdered infant formula 1 month after opening it.

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Page reviewed: 14 December, 2012