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Draft Ethical guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technology in clinical practice and research submission

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Appendix 3a

Sex selection for non-medical purposes

I strongly agree with couples being able to have the choice to use sex selection for non-medical purposes, given that they already have multiple children of the same gender (family balancing) and they can afford it. In regards to using sex selection it either replace a child or not, I can't really comment as I have not lost a child and I wouldn't know how I would feel towards this, in saying this it should really be up to the parents, so yes to this circumstance. I don't agree with using sex selection for religious beliefs. 

International travel for sex selection is growing, and couples are now travelling to overseas clinics to have this procedure. Some of these clinics do not have the same standards of care that exists here in Australia and people may be risking their health and the health of their future child/ren.

I think people that oppose sex selection don’t fully understand why couples decide to go down that road. I for one probably would have opposed it to some extent if I had been lucky enough to naturally conceive both genders, but when I found out that I was having a third child of the same gender,  I did go through gender disappointment. It is a real depression and some couples do experience this, especially in mothers to be.  

I love all my children so much and would never consider aborting because of gender, but some people have done this in the past. I also tried all the home remedies and old wives tales of trying to conceive a desired gender naturally, which for one probably put my health a risk by not eating a balanced diet and only eating certain foods.

The don’t agree that sex selection for non-medical reasons may lead to a slippery slope for other characteristics to be tested such as height, intelligence, hair colour etc. If you were to ask anyone seeking sex selection all they want is a healthy baby of the desired sex, and not a designer baby.

As with any child, boy or girl, gender selected or not, in this day and age children will grow up to be the person they need to be and not feel pressured to conform to gender stereotypes.

It is time gender selection was allowed to take place in Australia, the technology is safe, it is there, so why not allow people to use it.

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