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Draft Ethical guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technology in clinical practice and research submission

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Mother of 3 boys
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Appendix 3a

I do believe sex selection should be made available to those couples who have had 2 or more of the same sex.  I have seen a lot of people go on about playing god and being selfish.  Well what do we say to people who have a choice on abortion because it is not the sex they wanted they have the choice to abort.  This is not an easy decision these parents have come to and there is a lot of cost involved.  Playing god do we not do that to people with cancer.  My mother had cancer, but she chose to take the drugs that would prolong her life that was her choice.  I have 3 boys all that were in a hospital by 8 weeks old for bone lesions, epilepsy, and then my 3rd son a brain tumor.  I had no mother she died when my 1st was only 7 months old.  We are all about freedom of choice but here we are standing in the way of that.  Yes I agree some guidelines should be in place.  But you need to have walked a day in my shoes to feel how I feel before you judge me and my family.  I think people like me don't want to speak up because of the backlash we will receive.  So we let the Church goers and moral high grounders go on.  And we sit quietly feeling a little broken of a choice we don't have.  Let people live the life they want we are not hurting anyone.  We have one life please stop getting in the way of people's freedom of choice we Australians go on so much about.  I am just a normal person my husband works a normal job we have 3 beautiful boys all we would love is a little princess and there will be no stands she has to live up to what a lode of crap that is.  She will be loved and even if she is a lesbian or need to have a gender reassignment that will be her choice.  So stop making excuse and putting up road blocks for people give us back our choice.  Use some common sense.  I am a mother who is about to embark on IVF again.  I went to Thailand and it didn't work.  I don't want to be away from my children again, but they support me in having another go because they see the wanting in me.  So we are doing it in Australia knowing it could be a boy or girl.  My biological clock is nearly at the end and I can't wait for this stupid fight that could take years to pass here in Australia just like a drug that could of helped my mother but took too long to pass to be approved.  This will come in eventually but for me too late.  So be it a boy or girl they will be loved.  There are bigger issues to be fighting than this that has nothing to do with each individual that is against this, you don't live in my house.  We are not affecting you really.

Page reviewed: 20 April, 2017