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Draft Ethical guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technology in clinical practice and research submission

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2 - Ethical principles in the clinical practice of ART

Human rights, to be able to choose the gender of your children, to balance your family.



Ethical principles regarding gender selection, it is ethical to want a boy if you already have two girls. We should have the right to choose.


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At the moment my partner and i are about to embark on the IVF process. We start in a few weeks. Now this is purely for genetic reasons, we will be getting our embryos PGD tested to confirm which have and do not have the genetic condition i carry. We already have two girls. Now i did not know that i carried this mutated gene at the time that i had the girls. Thus now that we do know about this gene we have made the hard choice to go through IVF for the first time. If we get any embryos that do not have the mutated gene we want the freedom and choice to choose our future baby. The test they do on them gives them the gender information anyway, but as my mutated gene is not gender specific we are not aloud to know the gender results.

We already have two girls, knowing the sex of each embryo will allow us to choose a boy to balance out our family. We can not afford to go overseas to Thailand, as the cost of IVF (including my pgd treatment) here in australia is over $16000 atm, adding another $10000 to know the gender of our own embryos in another country is just not possible. We have to also include overseas travel costs, time off work, unfamiliar country. That adds alot more stress to an already stressful situation.

Gender selection, we should have the right to know the gender of our embryos. We want gender selection for all the right reasons. Why do some countries allow gender selection, but not Australia? We will love our baby more than anything regardless of gender, but all human beings should have the right to choose. The embryos came from my body so are legally mine (and my partners), we should therefore legally be aloud to know everything about them, ie the gender!


Thank you


Page reviewed: 20 April, 2017