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Draft Ethical guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technology in clinical practice and research submission

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Appendix 3a

I am a mother of two boys and I would like to have sex selection available to me for my third child as I really wish to have a girl. This is not because I am placing unrealistic expectations on any possible future child but simple because I wish to experience raising both boys and girls. I feel that I can only have one more child and worry that if I do not have a girl then I will either feel sad about that which would affect my emotional and mental well being. If I then tried for a fourth time for a girl I feel that this would put my family under undue emotional and financial stress.

Both of my children were conceived via IVF so the process of conception is no different - just an extra added stage to check the gender of the embryo.

I would seriously consider travelling to a country that offers gender selection however I am concerned about the safetyb of both myself and my unborn child. 



General Comments
General Comments: 

I do not feel that having sex selection available in australia would cause any concerns about favouring one gender over the other. My experience is that sex selection would be used for family balancing and often in situations where a family has two or more children. 

If someone is opposed to sex selection then that is fine - they don't have to use it. 

I love my children that I have and would love any future children regardless of gender however it is an emotional need for me to want to have both boys and girls. To experience both sexes and to give my boys a sister. If this is not available in australia then you risk australians going overseas at a great cost and potentially to put themselves in a dangerous medical situation. 

Page reviewed: 20 April, 2017