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Draft Ethical guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technology in clinical practice and research submission

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Appendix 3a

I absolutely believe sex selection should be legal in Australia. However, I do recommend strict limitations should be in place for couples to may wish to use it. It should only be allowed for couples who already have two or more of the same gender. Also, I believe it should only be allowed for couples to conceive one or two babies of their desired gender.

For example, my husband and I absolutely love to have four children. We want to give them the best life, send them to the best school and make sure we can provide for everything they want. Currently, we have two healthy boys and we are so blessed to have them. After having our second son, we really wanted to have a girl and we have done a lot of research on PGD and decided to travel to America to see Dr. Potter at the end of the year. However, I found out shockingly and surprisingly that I am pregnant and I was so anxious to find out what we are having, I booked for an early gender scan and found out we are having another boy. As much as we are happy, deep down I am so emotional. I know having a healthy child is all that matters. But we can’t really afford to keep on having boys. I know I will love this boy as much as my other two boys. However, if it was a girl our life would have been complete.

Having children in today’s society is difficult. I want to give each one of them the best life possible. The life that I didn’t have and I won’t be able to do that if I more than 4 children. I am really hoping that sex selection becomes legal in Australia, otherwise I am 100% sure as soon as our 3rd son is 6 months, we will travel to US to make our dreams (especially my dream) come true. I have such a beautiful bond with my beautiful mother and I can’t even explain how much I love her, no words can ever explain. And I feel empty, I really want a daughter.

Also, I have read how some people say sex selection affects societies. I strongly disagree. How is it a disadvantage to the community? I will have 3 boys and having one girl, how is that really disadvantaging the community/country. I really don’t understand. Most people don’t have any children and they are so opinionated, they actually don’t know how it feels. 

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Also, by making sex selection legal for non-medical reasons, it will boost the Australian economy. The amount of people travelling overseas for this procedure is on the rise. Australia will definitely benefit for its citizens to spend their money in Australia than other countries such as America/Thailand.

I strongly believe it should become legal!

Page reviewed: 20 April, 2017