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Draft Policies for NHMRC Committees and Working Groups Developing Guidelines Submission

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Section 1 – Policies Document
Section 2 – Key Elements and Flow Chart
Make general comments
Section 1 – Policies Document
1. Are there any gaps in the issues addressed in this document?: 


2. Does the document strike the right balance between ensuring adequate expertise is available to be deployed on the committee and creating a framework to ensure conflicts are managed appropriately? : 

The document needs amendment to distinguish between an interest, a coflict and mangement of a conflict. With appriopriate tectual amendments, yes.

3. Do you have any suggestions for further guidance on matters to be declared?: 

There a number of textual amendments that would clarify the advice in the document

5. Is the amount to trigger a declaration of interests reasonable?: 


Section 2 – Key Elements and Flow Chart
1 - Are there any gaps in this section in relation to the guidance for the responsible Senior Officials at the Office of NHMRC to apply their judgement in how to manage any conflicts?: 

No, but the guidance needs more clarity that can come with drafting changes to the text

2. Is the flow chart an adequate representation of the proposed process?: 

With siutable clarifying changes to the text.


This electronic proces smake sit difficult to prvide the detailed comment son the text of a doicument suchas this

Page reviewed: 5 November, 2012