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Draft Policies for NHMRC Committees and Working Groups Developing Guidelines Submission

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Section 1 – Policies Document
Section 1 – Policies Document
1. Are there any gaps in the issues addressed in this document?: 

No time limits on conflicts of interest are given; for example are potential committee members asked only about current payments/committments from outside sources, or should you be looking at a time span of say 3 years prior to 1 year in the future - although no conflict may exist at the moment the member in question may know that they will have a conflict of interest in the relatively near futuer.  This would cover situations where the member sits on the guiding committee and once that is done then takes up a post/grant/speaking arrangement for an entity that may have benefitted from the work of that committee.

3. Do you have any suggestions for further guidance on matters to be declared?: 

As in section 1 - I believe there needs to be a time span during which the conflicts of interest may have occurred and these should all be disclosed, even if they are not current.

Page reviewed: 5 November, 2012