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Australian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes submission

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Comment on specific Sections, clauses or sentences of draft revised Code of Practice
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Comment on specific Sections, clauses or sentences of the draft revised Code of Practice
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Section 2-2.5 Introductory paragraphs

The “Key principles” of 2.5.1 are a carbon copy of “Key principles” under “Responsibilities of investigators” 2.4.1.

As a result some of these requirements will fall out of the scope of most if not all generic Animal Carers (who are not investigators).

This includes;

(i) using animals only when it is justified

 (iv) applying high standards of scientific integrity

 However, these should certainly be included under Responsibilities of Facility Managers.

Section 2-Clauses 2.5.4 to 2.5.22


2.5.9 (ii) (a) It should be specified that Animal carers must provide;

prompt notification of any unexpected adverse events (see definitions) that

may have a negative impact on the wellbeing of an animal in the scope of their care.

It would be important for the welfare of research animals that generic Animal Carers are not seen as the police by Investigators. Animal Carers have a responsibility to raise any adverse events with the Facility Manager and/or Investigators. However, it is crucial for Animal Carers to provide animal care, guidance/training and report observation to Facility Manager/Investigators. 

Section 2-Clauses 2.5.4 to 2.5.22

 2.5.9 Animal Carers must provide: (ii) (b) an annual report of activities

This is a very broad statement and an appendix of example topics or a format would certainly assist the Animal Carers and Ethics Committees understand the reach of reporting expected. However, again it would be best for the Animal Care staff not to be interpreted as police by the investigators, but to provide support and guidance in association with Veterinarian assistance. 

As these conditins are also a requirement of the Facility Manager it may be best to state "In the absence of a Facility Manager".  

Page reviewed: 1 March, 2013