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Australian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes submission

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The public guide to the consultation paper calls for a review to the involvement of veterinarians in scientific research, in particular to assess whether there be a requirement for some procedures (surgery and anaesthetic) to be performed by veterinarians.

A policy whereby procedures involving anaesthetic and surgery required a veterinarian would place enormous additional financial burden on my research (as I would have to fund the use of a vet) that would likely result in the cessation of my research. In my research anaesthetic is provided routinely for either minor procedures (like injections) or prior to sacrifice. During minor procedures the only potential problem in the procedure is the lack of anaesthesia or the overdose of anaesthesia. These issues are easily assessed during the procedures without the need for a vet. Furthermore, requiring a vet to attend a procedure where an animal is anaesthetised prior to sacrifice is unnecessary as there is no prospect of recovery. If the role for veterinarians is to be discussed, I feel it should be at the level of institutional AECs and in training only.

Page reviewed: 1 March, 2013