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Australian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes submission

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There are too many assumptions about what ethics is and that "ethics" is something that can be defined by pressure groups in order to impose their feelings on other people. In this case, where it affects medical and scientific research with potentially huge benefits for human beings, the issue needs some hard questions.

My basic position is that what is good for the life of thinking beings (of which humans are the only example on this planet!) is the sole criterion of what is ethically good. To directly or indirectly cause harm to humans by introducing laws to make scientific and medical research more difficult, expensive or arduous, solely to protect animals, is fundamentally immoral.

If humans are "exceptional", then this goes without saying. Animal rights activists and others who champion "animal rights" claim otherwise. But that they are kidding themselves, and others, in order to impose their feelings, is obvious. They cannot consistently argue that humans and animals are morally equivalent. Because it is only humans whose behaviour they are trying to control in this way. Obviously, that's because only humans can listen to them and only humans could care. Therefore, humans are exceptional. Therefore, they have no case.

Animal rights activists are quite happy to let wild predators kill their wild victims in terror and blood, without a murmur of protest. They are quite happy for wild animals to breed in large numbers knowing most of those young will die either lingering painful deaths from parasites, disease or hunger, or short, agonising deaths at the claws of predators. Therefore it is not the "welfare" of animals that is their concern: it is the desire to control other people, and only other people.

Don't give them the power - at the expense of the lives of people.

Page reviewed: 1 March, 2013