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Australian Drinking Water Guidelines: Chemical FactSheets and Boil Water Advisory Notice submission

This submission reflects the views of
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North East Region Water Corporation
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Commercial company
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Questions for Guidance for issuing and rescinding boil water advisories
16. Do you have any general comments on the draft document Guidance for issuing and rescinding boil water advisories?: 
North East Water would like to make a submission on the NHMRC's Boil Water Advisory Notice draft. North East Water generally supports the information contained in the draft and finds attachments A and B to be particularly useful. However, we would like to make comment on the following point: It is noted that the NHMRC has defined "bringing water to a rolling boil", as a "continuous and rapid stream of air-bubbles rising from the bottom of a pot or kettle", and that this is expanded on further in Attachment C. However, no broad or general advice on an appropriate duration of boiling is given. In the event that a Boil Water Advisory was issued by North East Water, it would benefit our customers if we were able to provide them with a boiling duration which was supported by NHMRC. We understand that there would be a number of variables involved in determining such a duration, but suggest that the NHMRC consider incorporating this into the final Boil Water Advisory Notice if it has not been considered already. This would greatly assist North East Water and others to manage Boil Water Advisories which can often result in increased interaction with customers. An increase in electric kettles which boil water for only a short period has in the past prompted duration questions from our customers. Please see the attached submission form for further details of North East Water's submission. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me. Thanks. Regards, Alister Laidlaw | Water Systems Coordinator North East Water | Level 1, 104 Hovell Street, Wodonga PO Box 863, Wodonga, 3689 P: (02) 6022 0556 | M: 0458 990 589 | F: (02) 6024 7454 W: www.newater.com.au

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