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Review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research ethics guidelines submission

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Yes I believe it is
Question 2: 
I think that the intellectual property rights section in the "guidelines for researchers and stakeholders" document can be decribed in more detail. I think this document can benefit from having the same section as is included in the "keeping research on track" document included in it. I think that the "keeping research on track" provides a very clear description of intellectual property rights, what they cover and the link to the AIATSIS guidelines are important to note as well. In the "keeping research on track" a discussion about intelectual property rights should be included in number 7 sharing and translation of results, as the research can result in the identification/development of new knowledge, activities or practice that might include property rights.
Question 3: 
• Should a case study about intellectual property be included? I think it would be good to include case studies to make it really clear, maybe include case studies about cases where it is really clear that property rights are for the community, one where the researchers have done most of the development work (and could be considered to be the rightful owners of the intellectual property) and one where the intellectual property might be shared between researchers and communities. • What other topics would case studies be useful for? Maybe it's a good idea to include a case study for each step in the research process, as a best practice example? This can make it the information really practical for the researchers and communities.
General comments

I think that the revised version of the guidelines for researchers and stakeholders is a great improvement to the previous version. The information is a lot more succinct and a lot of the distracting information has been deleted from it, improving the readability of the guidelines. Having each of the core values starting on a separate page is a great improvement. 

Page reviewed: 2 August, 2018