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Review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research ethics guidelines submission

This submission reflects the views of
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University of the Sunshine Coast
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Specific Questions
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Question 2: 
The information on IP in the draft Ethical Conduct document is brief, but since it directs readers to where they can find further information, the short paragraph is justified. The IP section of Keeping Research on Track II is adequate.
Question 3: 
Yes. Other case study topics that could be useful are genetics/genomics, bio-banks, and data-linkage.
General comments

We generally agree with the changes to the two documents and new terminology, particularly the updated names of the two values. The USC Office of Research consulted with USC’s Indigenous Advisory Committee and members commented that lack of community engagement and communication of research project outcomes and benefits is an issue; therefore, the addition of research agreements is welcomed and any further promotion of this requirement is supported. Members would also like to see the introduction extended to include more information about the diversity within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Page reviewed: 2 August, 2018