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Review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research ethics guidelines submission

This submission reflects the views of
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James Cook University
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Specific Questions
Question 1: 
James Cook University beleives that these guidelines have adequately covered all disciplines. The JCU Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Centre also found that the guidelines are very well considered and believe that they will service as an important resource for researchers and research participants alike. They offer concrete guidance about research governance issues in ways that will strngthen ethical pratice
Question 2: 
JCU is comfortable with the way in which intellectual property rights have been addressed.
Question 3: 
JCU supports the inclusion of case studies as supplementary material for both drafts. A case study about intellectual property should be included, such as, biodiscovery activities and Indigenous knowledge re native animals etc. Other suggested case studies are: (JCU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Centre) - research the crosses multiple communities (including in institutional settings where people are removed from their community); guidance for communities on the setting of strategic priorities; consideration of threshold issues, how and when communities might decide not to support a research projects; how to manage conflict; how feasibility, budget and time constraints impact on implementation of the guidelines; how to work with research from within community (insider research).

Page reviewed: 2 August, 2018