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Clinical Practice Points on the Diagnosis, Assessment and Management of ADHD in Children and Adolescents submission

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Putting children on this medication is not the answer.  It is only a band-aid effect and is not looking at the functioning of the body.  My son was on Ritalin and then Concerta for 3 years.  He is no longer on any medications and is a much happier boy.  Why don't doctors look into the child's diet,the health of their organs and any presence of heavy metals in the childs system .  Repeat appointments with a specialist who weighs, measures and has a short conversation with the child is not sufficent and is not addressing the individuals problems.

I would never put my child on these medications again.  They are harmful, suppress their appetite, stunt growth and do not address anything other than satisfying the companies that make these drugs.  More needs to be done by doctors and parents to help there child.  I have learnt from my own experience that these drugs might seem to improve the child initially but are doing probably more damage in the long run.  I no longer believe in the diagnosis or treatment that the medical profession has adopted in regards to ADHD. 

Page reviewed: 14 September, 2012