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Clinical Practice Points on the Diagnosis, Assessment and Management of ADHD in Children and Adolescents submission

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As a concerned parent, I beleive that it is the parents sole rights under the constitution to make informed choices when it comes to their childrens health. Many parents who choose not to medicate their ADHD children have not done so in a rash manner. They have carefully considered alternative options such as nutural therapies and dietry changes and meditation and have chosen to go down this path rather than merely medicate with the use of drugs. Often these alternative treatment require much more from the parents and are considerably more costly yet they have their childrens best interest at heart and so are willing to do what ever it  takes.  In my view drugs are the easy way out for some parents and teachers who would rather a quick fix for their own sanity rather than what is best of the child/ children concerned. Therefore I firmly believe it is the parents who must make these decisions and not the government, after all it is the parents who live with these children day in and day out.




Leanne Chilcott

Page reviewed: 14 September, 2012