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Clinical Practice Points on the Diagnosis, Assessment and Management of ADHD in Children and Adolescents submission

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I have been asked to provide 'comments on whether the draft CPPs provide clarity of thought and clear guidance in the area of ADHD management using stimulants'.

The draft CPPs provide helpful general principles for the assessment, formulation and treatment of children and adolescents with ADHD.  These principles will aid community members and general practitioners.

The draft CPPs appropriately situate stimuant medication in the armamentarium of current ADHD treatments.

The draft CPPs could benefit from the comorbid conditions being framed developmentally, dysthymic disorder being noted to be a depressive disorder and the current diagnostic term generalised anxiety disorder being used instead of the outdated overanxious disorder of childhood.

Inevitably a consensus process leads to very different outcomes framed within a varied set of intellectual domains than those arising from the deep learnings embedded in rigorous core science.

Page reviewed: 14 September, 2012