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Appendix to the Australian Dietary Guidelines: Dietary Guidelines through an environmental lens submission

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General Comments

The Appendix is useful to health professions and it looks at the future of the environmental sustainability which people do not fully understand or consider when choosing foods. It is disappointing that the appendix was not included as a chapter in the body of the  Dietary guidelines. It should be included in the core information throughout the Dietary Guidelines, not just as an Appendix.

There should be more emphasis on the reduction of animal proteins compared to more plant based foods which has a strong evidence base. This guidelines could potentially be modified for use as a consumer brochure but the wording would need to be modified to be more consumer friendly.

Some feedback regarding the' Australian Dietary Guidelines through an environmental lens':


The pictorial representation is an excellent way to summarise the environmental impacts

G2:This section could show more examples of the strong evidence that are available for some of the issues,e.g breastfeeding, recycling as this section  seems to make all the evidence weak and giving little justification of including an appendix. There should be less discussion about the methodologies of and more discussion about the evidence base itself.

How will people know that fish are from 'stable stocks'?


The information is useful

Emphasise Australian grown and encourage home gardens

G4: Do not like the term 'diet'', say  Choosing foods and drinks that follows .......' is preferred

Include composting, worm farming and keeping chickens

Say avoid bottled water

Choose fish as recommended from the 'better choices' in the Australian Marine Conservation Society's Australian Sustainable Seafood Guide

Choose local and seasonally available ingredients

Page reviewed: 4 February, 2013