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Appendix to the Australian Dietary Guidelines: Dietary Guidelines through an environmental lens submission

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Researcher – biomedical
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General Comments

It is good to see this Appendix to the guidelines, which I think properly acknowledges the challenge of using the available data in this area but also provides some useful guidance for consumers on the practical implementation of dietary guidelines in an environmentally responsible way.

I have two suggestions to consider:

1) In the Practical considerations related to lean meat (under Guideline 2) I believe kangaroo should also be noted as an lower impact protein choice. It is now widely available in mainstream supermarkets, and is both low in fat and from a non methane-producing source which requires minimal water provision during rearing.

2) In the practical tip #3 about minimising waste there could be some information added on the difference between "Use By" and "Best Before" labelling. I think there is some evidance that people unnecessarily throw out food past "best before" in the mistaken idea that it will be unsafe.

And one minor editorial thing: At the end of the section on Key references about vegetables, the full stop should be moved after the reference numbers, to be consistent with the rest of the document.

Page reviewed: 4 February, 2013