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Australian Dietary Guidelines submission

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Western Potatoes Pty Ltd
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To Whom It May Concern,

It was with great disappointment that I read the press articles about the Australian Dietary Guidelines that have been released today.

I am sure that there has been a great deal of research behind the press that has come out today, however the recommendation for consumers to reduce their consumption of potatoes by 40% does not appear to make any sense, nutritionally or logically.

Firstly there is no distinction between fresh or processed potatoes in the media which is a key factor in their place in a healthy diet. Secondly potatoes have less carbs than rice or pasta, come in a range of varieties that have varying GI levels (including low GI) and antioxidants and are actually one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables available and provides substantial nutrition for few kilojoules. Please refer to our website for more FACTS on potatoes: http://feelgoodfood.net.au/potato-facts/nutrition/

Western Potatoes works tirelessly to educate consumers about the facts about potatoes in the face of the low carb fad diets and other misleading press such as this. Additionally, the potato industry is proud of producing a healthy, ethical and delicious product that is sustainable for the future - this press will only serve to damage this industry that supports so many rural families.

Finally, when compared to large corporations marketing sugar and fat laden products, our growers have limited resources to promote their products to consumers. Is it really fair to damage these hard working individuals with this report, given they are actually producing a very healthy food??

Please clarify and justify your statements about the consumption of potatoes for industry and the public!!

Page reviewed: 3 January, 2013