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Teaching students and adults how to eat correctly for improved health outcomes, must by necessity begin at a very early age. This will ensure indoctrination and positive outcomes.

I strongly suggest that some educational form of what was once termed 'Home Economics' be reintroduced in schools. I further suggest it be a mandatory/compulsory subject for both sexes right through secondary school. Of course younger students need to learn from kindergarden onwards about fruit and vegetables - in a format that will both interest them, and encourage them to ask for these foods at home meals.

At a guess I would imagine there must be at least three generations of Australians who are uneducated regarding nutrition, home management skills and cooking from scratch. They have become accustomed to reaching either into the freezer or a fast food outlet for most meals.

Anyone with a nutrition background should be appalled watching supermarket (most) shoppers, filling their trolleys with packets foods, tinned foods and frozen foods. I posit the thought that with proper training, commencing at school, Australia could rectify this problem within five to ten years.

I personally learned in my Mother's kitchen (as well as in high school) how to both prepare nutritious food from scratch, and how to shop with an eye to a bargain and nutritious content. This skill has been passed down to my own children. However many youngster and housewives etc have not been given the same opportunity that I received. Bring back this as part of compulsary education and I believe you will see a vast improvement in the consumption of healthy foods.


Clare Harris

Wynyard Tasmania

Page reviewed: 3 January, 2013