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Chapter 3- Limit intake of foods and drinks containing saturated and trans fats, added salt, added sugars and alcohol
Hello I am disappointed you allow the consumption of any foods what so ever containing refined sugars. I believe you should CANCEL THE PRODUCTION OF ALL FOODS CONTAINING REFINED SUGARS. It is like ingesting poison into the body and is in most processed garbage so called foods. THERE SHOULD BE MORE PROMOTION OF SUGAR FREE LOLLIES, CHOCALTES AND BISCUITS. You can buy the best ones from Coles in Manuka in the ACT. If you read the books: SUGAR BLUES, SWEET POISON AND ADDICTION FREE NATURALLY, you'll see how deleterious sugar is to the human body. I myself am in my 30's and have consumed so much of it, I have rotten teeth and hypoglycaemia. I and most of my friends can't afford to go to the dentist either. The biggest consumers of it are poor people who can only afford to eat simple carbohydrates and can't afford dental care. These people look unhealthy and live shorter lives. I am off sugar now, but I'd like you to read this extract from ADDICTION FREE NATURALLY: I'ts an undisputed fact that sugar contributes to dental cavities. Sugar interacts with bactereia in the mouth to produce acids that make holes in the teeth enamel. Sugar also contributes to plaque accumulation. Knowing this, do we cut back on our sugar consumption? No. We simply put fluoride on our drinking water and train more dentists. But sugar has a great many more ill effects on the human body. Sugar stands accused of causing both hypoglycaemia nd diabetes. It has been linked to numerous mental disorders, including depression, hyperactivity, obsessive compulsive-disorders and phobias. It weakens the immune system, encourages the grwoth of infections, and lowers the production of antibodies. It overtaxes the spleen, pancreas and small intestines. Overconsumption of sugar contributes to the development of alergies, anaemia, arthritis, cancer Crohn's disease, gout, headaches, heart disease, herpes, hyperactivity, impotence, obesity, osteoporosis, PMS and yeast infections. Sugar is often called an antinurient. Overconsumption of simple sugars causes the body to use up its supplie of calcium, potassim, thiamin and chromium. And all sugars, even natural ones, appear to compete with Vitamin C for transporation into white blood cells. Without adequate amounts of vitamin C, the immune sytem becomes severely compromised. So there you see, it should be banned. It is so addictive, it's mainly poor people who eat it continuously and contribute to Australia's huge public health care bill. You'll see these people waddling down the street all flabby with rotten teeth and complaining about how awful they feel and their many diseases such as Diabetes etc. By the way, Diabetes type 2 can be reversed, I read years ago in Australian Wellbeing Magazine that at a Sydney Health Farm it could've been Hopewood Health Retreat or The Godlen Door, guests were given unlimited fruit and veg to eat over 7 days and it did the trick. It was all organic too. But keep in mind, no poor people could ever afford to have this second chance at good health. Thanks for reading my comments. Anna Lee

Page reviewed: 3 January, 2013