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Australian Dietary Guidelines submission

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Chapter 2- Eat a wide variety of nutritious foods

My comments relate to the wholegrain section, and the grain section of the food photograph.

The photographs you include of wholegrain cereals include breads made of highly processed flour, which are not actually based on wholegrains.  Further, the photograph includes pictures of white rice, white flour based pasta and white flour based noodles.

The guidelines do not make it sufficiently clear that wholegrain includes the entire grain (bran, lecithin etc), and that white flour and white flour based products are NOT wholegrain.  By telling people to eat wholegrains (bread, cereals, noodles, pasta) you encourage ongoing consumption of highly processed carbohydrates (white flour) which are not wholegrain.  Most breakfast cereals, commercial breads, rice, pasta and noodles are highly made from highly processed flour.  In my clinical experience, many consumers are not aware of this distinction, and continue to eat these foods, thinking that they are healthy.  They do not understand that brown bread in fact is frequently that way because of the added food colouring.  They do not understand that many multi-grain breads are in fact white flour based bread with a few grains thrown in.  


Page reviewed: 3 January, 2013