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Australian Dietary Guidelines submission

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I believe that the draft DGs and AGHE have incorporated excellent updates, both in content and  in presentation. 
The use of photographs in the AGHE is particularly refreshing, well done.

My only criticism would be, the labelling of 'soy drink' on one of the containers in the milk and alternatives
section of the AGHE. Soy drink, as I understand it, is different to soy milk, in the way that soy drink is a
combination of soy milk,  water and (usually) sugar,  with NO fortification of calcium. Even with soy milk,
 I believe that it needs to be fortified with calcium in order for it to be accepted as a milk and alternatives serve 
as calcium is the main nutrient of concern in that food group. Therefore, I believe that the container should
instead read 'soy milk with calcium added' or something like that, as the terms 'fortified' and 'enriched' may not be
as user friendly. This change would in addition be more in line with the tables explaining what constitutes a serve,  
as there is currently no mention of 'soy drink' in there. If we put 'soy milk with calcium added' instead,  then the 
generic term of milk that is already in the tables, would cover it.

Page reviewed: 3 January, 2013