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To recommend that the average australian male should eat 6-12 serves of cereals, bread, rice or pasta and only 2.5 cups of leafy green vegetables . How on earth can 12 - 24 slices of bread be recommended. The majority of breads and cereals on the market are full of sugar. Have you looked to see how many brands of cereals or muesli don't containwadded sugar? Almost none is the answer. These guidelines won't help anything. We should be encouraging the majority to be increasing their vegetable intake andsalad intake and decreasing bread pasta rice cereals andpotatoes.   I am not recommending to cut them out but make them something you have once a day , saying that eating 12- 24 slices of bread per day or 6 cups of cooked pasta is good foryour is ridiculous. The government hasbeen recommending a diet high in grains for ages and all that has happened is the population has got fatter. Lower carbs ( not no carbs) , a dramatic increase in vegetablas is the key for a healthy diet

Page reviewed: 3 January, 2013